Mobile Business Strategies To Grow Your Business

The Internet has changed the way business is being conducted world wide. It’s impact has shifted customer service, sales, marketing and information. Today, consumers are more likely to trust opinions of strangers posted on the web than an article in the newspaper. Social media is accelerating the shift and businesses are scrambling to adjust.

Mobile phones, most now enabled with Internet access, are sparking the next wave of transformation in the business world. In 2009, more than $1 billion of apps will be downloaded for mobile devices. Nearly 20% of cell phone companies income will be from mobile data services. By the end of 2010, it is estimated more consumers will surf the Internet from their mobile device than their home computer.

How will your business effectively activate these digital platforms? How does your digital strategy pursue mobile platforms and consumer behaviors? Mobiltopia’s mobile business strategy consulting can help you put together a plan for the next 12-24 months to appropriately engage, connect and activate consumers through mobile technology.

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Working with a digital strategist, Mobiltopia will help your team identify key opportunities where mobile is impacting your customer base and author a digital strategy plan that outlines key tactics and strategies to effectively utilize mobile technologies for your business.

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