The Mobile Shift

The world is rapidly changing as mobile devices are quickly becoming the new norm for communications and information gathering. The introduction of the Apple iPhone shifted the use and expectation of smart phone devices from businessmen to housewives. “The Mobile Shift” seminar will teach you and your colleagues how consumer behavior is changing and how your business can capitalize on this emerging, dominant technology to grow your business. (Reserve your ticket)

The program will feature James Burnes, founder and CEO of Mobiltopia.

Our two hour program will help you understand several key factors that are challenging businesses to examine how mobile is impacting their industry and how customers connect to information.

You will learn:

  • Insights into current research on consumer behavior with mobile devices
  • Key lessons from real businesses leveraging mobile to drive incremental revenue
  • Examples of companies who use mobile to connect and interact with customers
  • Steps to build a mobile strategy for your business

Our program is business-specific, not a technology lesson, and will focus on real actions you can take to drive your business forward. Register today, there is limited seating for this program.

There are currently no scheduled presentations of “The Mobile Shift.”

This event is not a “sales presentation” and is not intended to promote Mobiltopia’s services.The event is hosted by Mobiltopia to provide you an opportunity to increase your knowledge and acumen around the quickly emerging impact of smart phones and Internet-enabled cell phones o

If you have additional questions about this program, please contact us.

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