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Mobiltopia designs and builds a site that auto-loads when your customers visit your regular web site.

How do we do it? We understand best-practices of creating mobile-optimized web sites. Our process allows us to plan, design and build your mobile web site in as little as 5 days. Here’s how we do it.

Step I – Identify which level of service best fits your needs

When you call our team (619-512-3612) or use the “Get Started” form, one of our mobile advisors will go through our Web Site Assessment to review your current company web site and to make a recommendation for which plan makes the most sense for your needs.

We will evaluate the type of content you have, the complexity of converting your current site and assess, with you, the application and use of the mobile site in engaging your customers.

We will make a recommendation and provide you a quoate based on the outcome of the assessment.

Step 2 – Create the initial design comp and content outline

Once we have assessed the complexity of your site, our mobile advisor and a web site designer will create a content outline and content outline for your approval. We deliver these to you electronically, and hold a conference call with you to review and adjust to fit your needs.

Once the design and content outline is approved, we will send the documentation to our developers to quickly build your mobile site.

Step 3 – Build your mobile web site

Our development team takes the design comp and the content outline to build your mobile web site. Setting it up on our mobile web servers, once it is created, we will send you a link to view the site with your mobile phone for approval.

We will tweak the site based on your feedback.

Step 4 – Give you code to install on your ‘regular’ web site

Once you have approved your mobile web site, we will give you some code that you or your web developer installs on onto your web site. Once installed, when a mobile user visits your web site with a mobile device, they will automatically see your mobile-optimized web site instead of the normal site.

Customers who visit your regular web site on their computer will not see anything different.

Any other questions about how Mobiltopia’s services work? Contact us with questions or see our frequently asked questions.

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